10:00 Symposium opens
Alessandro Zambelli Introductions
Perspectives on the Commons #1
10.30 Robert Mull “Commons and the Camps”
Civic space in the current European refugee crises
10.50 Elona Hoover and
Xavier Balaguer Rasillo
Intangible commons as tangible commoning: the materiality of making
11.10 Jim Mayor Valley Gardens context past, present and future – how the evolution of a commons has echoed the changing aspirations of a city
11.30 Panel
11:50                                                                 BREAK
Perspectives on the Commons #2
12.10 Fenella Griffin Common ground / common good – a case for Valley Gardens
12.30 Janice Astbury Co-creating a new urban commons
12.45 Panel
Perspectives on the Commons #3 (Re-commoning Valley Gardens)
1.15 Leila Dawney Double Book introduction:
– Space, Power & the Commons
– Problems of Hope followed by:
Invitation to participate in ‘Lunch in Valley Gardens’*
1.30                                                                 LUNCH
15.00 Panel with:

Emma Cheatle
Xavier Balaguer Rasillo
Elona Hoover

Review ‘Lunch in Valley Gardens’ submissions
Perspectives on the Commons #4
15.30 Graham Perring (re)public brighton
15.50 David M. Bell ‘The Island’: Creativity, Capital and Commons in the Contemporary City
16.10 Emma Cheatle Wastes and Strays: The Past, Present and Future of English Urban Commons
16.30 Panel
16.50 Alessandro Zambelli
Robert Mull
Leila Dawney
Open conversation: Perspectives 1, 2, 3, and 4 including responses from invited and general audience
17.45 Symposium closes

*We ask anyone who cares to, to take their lunch into Valley Gardens, any part of Valley Gardens, and with the aid of the ActionBound app upload either a photograph or a snippet of sound which we will access and review in the next session of the symposium.
If you want to download the app in advance of the symposium you can find links here:

Invited Audience:

Luis Diaz [University of Brighton]
Glenn Longden-Thurgood [University of Brighton]
Judit Pusztaszeri [University of Brighton]
Stephen Ryan [University of Brighton]
Ben Sweeting [University of Brighton]

Student Assistants:

Duncan Law
Maria Cristina Perial

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